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El Cilantrillo opened its first restaurant in Kissimmee in 2017. It’s well known for its typical Puerto Rican food and big portions to share.

Hiram and Dianne had the dream to create authentic Puerto Rican food in Orlando.

In February 2020, the entrepreneurs opened their second location in Orlando, close to the Orlando International Airport, with a big grand opening. Now they have a total of three locations, including the famous Florida Mall restaurant with concerts and celebrations. Each one has been designed with Puerto Rican influences from their flag, portraits of legends, artists, painted murals, and tastes of the island.

El Cillantrillo includes dishes like: “El Afrentao;” “El Dos Varas;” “El Parrandón;” stuffed mofongos; sorullitos de maíz; carne frita; chicharrón de pollo; fried plantains; “arroz cilantro;” and many more. Come and try these dishes for yourself.

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